Infinity Car Vent Diffuser
Infinity Car Vent Diffuser

Infinity Car Vent Diffuser

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Made from top quality 316L Stainless Steel, these car vent diffusers are a breeze to use and so cute while being so functional.

No need to worry about spilling oil over you car, these diffusers are made to use with a highly absorbent pad that fits snugly inside.

Simply open the magnetic diffuser lid, place the pad inside, add about 1-2mm or 10 drops of essential oil or fragrance, close the lid and clip your diffuser on to your car vent. Simply and easy

Our diffuser clips come in a variety of styles with 96 holes in the back to allow for plenty of air flow to the pad.  Comes with 1 free Pad

Amount of oil used is approximate and pad must be re-soaked every couple of days Own testing required