Black Coral 2 in One electric Vaporiser

Black Coral 2 in One electric Vaporiser

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Aromatherapy 2 in One electric vaporizer essential oil & wax melt.

Pamper your senses and create an aromatic atmosphere to enhance your well being with your favourite Aromatherapy Essential Oils or Wax Melts, using the uniquely designed Aromamatic 2inOne Deluxe Electric Vaporiser. The Vaporiser is also designed to operate safely when unattended for prolonged periods with or with our essential oils, making it ideal for any location or environment.

Safe, Simple & Convenient
No ongoing cost of tea lights or light bulb/globe
Only the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heat
No Water Required
Safe to operate 24/7
Quite Operation
Cool to the touch and will not overheat
Easy to Clean & Maintain

How to Use
Simply plug into a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature.
Then simply add your favourite essential oil/blend or wax melt tart to the bowl, as recommended.

When using Essential Oils or Blend
Add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to the recessed bowl and enjoy the aroma.
Use only pure essential oils or essential oil blends.

When using Wax Melts Tarts
Remove all labels and packaging from the Wax Melts before use.
Then add your favourite Wax Melt or tart to the bowl.
Do not over full the bowl.
Dissolving time of the Melt will vary from product to product
To remove used wax melt, let the melt cool & harden then remove
Replace melts as desired
Do not add or use water, as it is not necessary.

Size: 9h x 12w cm Weight: 0.650 gms
Average operating cost is less than 6c per day
Self regulated low operating temperature of below 80°C - 85°C
Rated at less than 6 watts of power
Fully insulated internal wiring system.
The ceramic case has natural insulating characteristics.