illumamatic Multi-Light Electric LED Vaporizer - Rainbow
illumamatic Multi-Light Electric LED Vaporizer - Rainbow

illumamatic Multi-Light Electric LED Vaporizer - Rainbow

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Multi-Light LED Essential Oil & Soy Wax Melts Vaporizer


The illumamatic electric vaporizer is designed to maximize the efficiency & effectiveness of vaporizing pure essential oils, blends and soy wax melts and has eliminated the light bulb as a heat source.. The low cost, low voltage LED lighting makes the illumamatic vaporizer an efficient environmental & economical product. Create a unique ambience and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.


•  No Naked Flame  •  No Oily Hot Water  •  No On Going Cost  • Safe  •  Clean  • Efficient  •  Water Free


The illumamatic Electric Vaporizer has combined the latest technology of LED lighting with the aromatic world of aromatherapy, creating the most synergistic combination, both visually and aromatically tantalizing to the senses. The multi-light vaporizer is a revolutionary new concept in vaporizing pure essential oils, essential oil blends and soy wax melts.


This safe, clean and highly economical porcelain appliance provides a low cost, eco friendly way to enjoy your favorite aromatic scents while enjoying the peaceful ambience of its soft gentle lights. The low cost, low voltage LED lighting with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours plus, makes the illumamatic Multi-Light vaporizer an efficient environmental & economical product.


Ideal for use throughout the home, especially as a soft gentle light in the children's room. The multi-light vaporizer is also ideal as a comfort, meditation or night light, great for the office, health care or clinical facility to create an enhancing aromatic atmosphere.


Designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of pure essential oils, the illumamatic multi-light vaporizer operates at a constant minimal temperature, allowing gentle vaporization and eliminating the need to add water. The vaporizer's gentle temperature is warm enough to vaporize, but not hot enough to burn your favorite pure essential oils, blends or soy wax melts. As the top of the vaporizer bowl is the only part to emit heat, the body remains cool to touch and is safe to handle even when electrical power is turned on.



Product FeaturesAvoids the use of oily hot waterEliminates volatile naked flameOnly the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heatWater is not required to assist vaporizationVaporizer temperature does not vary when left on 24/7Will not overheat and remains cool to the touchSafe to handle when in useOperation is safe, simple, clean and convenientLED lights are low voltage, low temperature and low costMultiple LED lights are securely encased as a single unitComplies with Australian relevant standardsEasy to clean & maintain after useOne Year Guarantee on all electrical componentsFully insulated internal wiring systemSelf regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporizationOperating temperature is between 80-85° C and is rated at 6 wattsMaximum operating cost is less than 8 cents a day even when switched on 24/7No ongoing costs of tea lights or light bulbsThe longevity and reliability of the LED is 50,000 hours plus.Low cost, economical and eco-friendly applianceNatural insulation characteristics of porcelainIdeal for any location or environmentDimensions: W 12cm x H 8cm